Emerson Bearings’ Success Stories

Emerson Bearing is committed to providing all of our customers with the right support and parts they need. When bearings  fail to work properly, all related processes have to shut down. That means we take pride in quick service, custom parts development, and engineering assistance to improve machinery life with a simple bearing change.

We keep our customers happy by delivering all that we promise and more when they need us the most. Here are just three stories that exemplify our Service, Inventory, and Solutions.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Modern elevator shaft interior with cables and tracksA good elevator can run for 100 years, but only if you’ve got the right parts.

We recently had a call from a local elevator repair company who was working on an elevator that is over 100 years old. The roller chain and sprocket that were needed were just as old, raising concerns that the parts wouldn’t be available anymore.

The customer brought the parts in and, through our extensive line of partners, we were able to identify someone who still made the chain and had it in stock.

No one mass-produced the sprocket anymore, but custom work was still an option. Our team was able to reverse-engineer specifications from the old sprocket itself. Those plans turned into a new sprocket that would fit the lift perfectly.

Good machinery can last a lifetime. Emerson Bearings’ way is to provide you with the right parts so your equipment can keep on rolling as the days go by.

Keeping the Faith

Even the Bible isn’t completely safe from bearings-related emergencies, but Emerson Bearing is always ready to heed the call.

One weekend we received a call from a Westchester County bookbinder who had an immediate need for a unique Metric Rod End for a German built Bookbinding Machine. We had the right part in stock and offered prompt shipping, but the nature of the emergency compelled our customer to drive up immediately.

We met him part-in-hand that night, and he was able to start printing and binding Bibles the next day. At Emerson Bearing, we bring that level of support to all of our customers. Our job is to keep you rolling, and that means responding to emergencies when they happen, not waiting until Monday.

Shredding the Night Away

metal shreddingMetal shredding machines are beasts with a tough burden. They’re one of the most dynamic industries we serve, especially on a scale where cars enter chutes and are processed into metal scraps   that are then  loaded on a ship to be part of the steel mix to make new cars.

Force loads are extreme and every element is highly stressed, withstanding high radial and shock loads. Bearings get the brunt of much of this force, which means we often work with local metal shredders to keep things up and running.

An outage and downtime for your typical metal shredder costs them thousands of dollars per hour, so time is always of the essence. To prevent downtime, we help local shredders evaluate their bearings.

One inspection led us to discover a bearing issue that could be solved with an affordable upgrade. We noticed that a newer style spherical roller bearing could replace a strained part and even help extend the service life of the machinery.

We know our bearings and we were able to deliver the right replacement that minimized downtime for years and will keep profits up for that metal shredder.

It’s time for you to contact us and see how we can help with all of your bearings needs today.


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