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Dirty, Hot & Hazardous Emerson Bearing Boston Specializes in Bearings for Extreme Applications


Got a dirty environment? Emerson Bearing Boston provides the bearings necessary for operation in extreme applications.

Catering to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) markets around the globe, Emerson Bearing Boston provides bearings that operate in unique performance conditions such as dirty and biohazardous environments; extremely hot/cold temperatures and environments where chemicals, radiation, speed/velocity and size play a major role.

“A dry dirty environment is typically an environment that generates some kind of dust. A wet dirty environment often involves water or a chemical that emulsifies with the oil (bearing lubricant), which causes the bearing to fail. To give you an example, worn seals on linear bearings that are used in a dirty environment will enable contamination. Even with the best design, lubrication and installation, bearing failure will occur if the operating environment is not taken into consideration,” explained Steve Katz, the company’s president.

Katz outlines the primary environmental influences below

  • Dust and dirt, which can aggressively contaminate a bearing. Great care should be given to use proper sealing techniques.
  • Aggressive media or water. Once again, sealing is primary. The use of specialty type seals is recommended such as Pump Mechanical or Labyrinth style seals that do not score the shaft.
  • External heat. The ambient operating temperature mandates many choices in Radial Internal Clearance, high temperature lubricants, intermittent or continuous running and others, which affect bearing life.
  • Current passage or electrolytic corrosion. If current is allowed to flow through the rolling elements, sparks can create pitting or fluting on the bearing surfaces. This should be corrected by creating a bypass circuit for the current or through the use of insulation on or within the bearing. This should be an inherent design consideration in applications such as Wind Turbines and all power generating equipment

Katz continued, “Our team of bearing experts can advise customers on the right solution for bearings running in extreme applications.”

For more information and to view the company’s vast online product catalog, visit their website at www.emersonbearing.com.

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