Why Choose Precision Slewing Ring Bearings?

Precision slewing ring bearings are a type of angular bearing that consists of two concentric rings with balls or rollers that enhance movement in load-bearing and power transmission applications. The two rings may be constructed with toothed gears to increase torque and can facilitate movement in any direction from the center of the bearing. They are ideal for use in low-speed, heavy load applications such as construction and excavation, or more intricate and precise such as medical tools and devices. Overall, there are many benefits to using precision slewing rings bearings.

Key Benefits and Difference of Precision Slewing Ring Bearings

Slewing ring bearings offer a number of unique benefits over other ball and roller bearings, especially for heavy load applications that require great freedom of movement. slewing ring bearings

  • Versatile Load Spectrum:Slewing ring bearings provide 360-degree joint support for complex load bearing systems, which allows for concurrent movement on multiple axes.
  • Shaftless Design:Slewing rings are designed to operate without a shaft or spindle, thereby enhancing bearing motion and allowing space for additional operational components.
  • Load Carrying Capacity:Slewing ring bearings are designed to handle the movement of heavy loads with great efficiency.
  • Ideal Stiffness:Although they are designed to facilitate a wide range of motion, slewing ring bearings exhibit high material stiffness to ensure sufficient support in rigid bearing applications.
  • Low Friction:Slewing bearings are particularly valuable for their low-friction and freedom of movement, which enhances process efficiency while increasing the service life of the bearing and surrounding equipment.
  • Extended Service Life:Slewing ring bearings offer a highly durable, low friction load-bearing option that reduces the stress and friction on the bearing and interacting components. The reduced equipment wear helps to extend the service life of the bearing and the system as a whole.

Applications of Precision Slewing Ring Bearings

The versatility and efficiency of slewing ring bearings makes them ideal for use in a range of industries and applications, from military and defense equipment to manufacturing and transportation. Common applications include:

  • Military and Defense: Slewing ring bearings are often used in military and defense equipment that must direct heavy loads with a high degree of precision. They can be found in missile launchers, tank turrets, and optical devices, among many others.
  • Construction: The construction industry benefits from the use of slewing rings, particularly in load-bearing and lifting applications, such as lifts, cranes, hydraulic excavators, and borers.
  • Bottling Technologies: The 360-degree rotation of slewing rings makes them especially useful for industrial bottling applications including sanitization, washing capping, and labeling functions.
  • Mining:Slewing rings are frequently used in mining excavation and tunnel boring, where equipment must be able to move freely under heavy loads.
  • TransportationTrains, trams, and subways often use slewing rings to facilitate free and easy vehicle movement.
  • Tooling and Machining: Slewing ring bearings are often used to facilitate movement in precision machine tools. They allow for free multi-axis movement of machine tool spindles in precision milling and turning applications.

Bearing Maintenance and Care

Although slewing ring bearings may require less maintenance than other bearing designs, they can often suffer damage and failure due to insufficient or incorrect lubrication. When mounting bearings, it is important to ensure that you are greasing your rings with solid lube during the pre-mount phase. Post mount lubrication and maintenance should be regularly scheduled to ensure the service life of your bearings.

In addition to ensuring the correct lubrication, it is important to regularly check for debris, dirt, and other contaminants in the  lubricant, as they can abrade or wear down your bearings, thereby reducing the service life and increasing repair and replacement costs.

If your slewing ring bearing is mounted on an uneven or easily distorted surface, the weight of the loads will be unevenly distributed on your bearing. This can result in localized wear and tear, further reducing the bearing’s service life. To prevent undue wear on your bearings, try to ensure that they are operating on a flat, strong surface.

Precision Slewing Rings by Emerson Bearing

At Emerson Bearing, we have 50 years of experience in providing superior quality bearings for our customers around the world. Our highly experienced staff has the knowledge necessary to ensure you have the perfect bearing design and material for your application. To learn more about our precision slewing ring bearings and how they can improve your operations, request a quote today!

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