Oilite Bushings

Oilite bushings are highly reliable and innovative industrial components that work in systems across a range of industries. These parts consist of an oil-infused porous sintered bronze material, which is why they’re known for their self-lubrication and long-lasting performance capabilities.

Learn more about Oilite bushings, including their applications, maintenance requirements, and how they compare to other types of bushings.

Material Composition of Oilite Bushings

Oilite bushings are precision-engineered using sintered bronze, which creates a porous structure throughout the material. This porous design allows it to be infused with oil lubricant, which continually lubricates the surface of the bearing.

Through self-lubrication, Oilite bushings reduce friction while preventing gradual wear and tear, resulting in long-lasting parts that optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness for many applications.

Oilite Bushings vs. Bronze Bushings vs. Plastic Bushings

Oilite bushings offer certain benefits over traditional plastic and bronze bushings. Without sintering, bronze bushings are durable and reliable but don’t have self-lubricating properties. Plastic bushings aren’t as durable as conventional bronze or Oilite bushings, as they are likely to experience more wear and tear under load-bearing applications.

Unlike bronze and plastic bushings, Oilite bushings’ sintered bronze design offers superior durability and self-lubrication that make them more efficient compared to regular manual lubrication. These bushings are capable of withstanding heavy loads while reducing friction, making them highly durable options for use in harsh environmental conditions.

Maintenance of Oilite Bushings

Oilite bushings are also easy to maintain. They must undergo periodic cleaning, and it’s critical to use the right lubricants. Over time, as the bushings experience wear and tear, you must inspect them for damage and replace them as needed.

Generally, the durability of these parts will depend on the types of lubrication used, environmental conditions, and storage methods. With proper maintenance and inspections, you’ll be able to maximize the longevity of Oilite bushings.

Common Industries and Applications for Oilite Bushings

Many applications and industries use Oilite bushings because of their unique advantages. Some of the specific applications include:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Aerospace components
  • Household appliances
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Lawn and garden equipment
  • Conveyor systems
  • Construction Equipment
  • Material handling systems
  • Railway brake systems
  • Hoists and cranes

Their versatility and durability in harsh environments make Oilite bushings a popular choice for these and many other types of equipment.

Oilite Bushings from Emerson Bearing

Oilite bushings are ideal components for applications in need of consistent lubrication and durable materials. Compared to plastic and traditional bronze bushings, Oilite bushings are more reliable and hold up better long-term in harsh environments.

Whether you need Oilite bushings or other components for your application, Emerson Bearing is here to help you choose the right products. In addition to Oilite bushings, we offer plastic bushings, spherical bushings, shaft couplings, bearing accessories, and much more.

Contact us today for help selecting the ideal bearings for your project. You can also request a quote to get started on your order.

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