Rod Ends and Spherical Bushings

High-precision articulation joints are crucial components of many cutting-edge industrial systems. Found in a wide range of applications, these joints are used in robotic arms, automobile steering linkages, and textile equipment, among many other applications. Within these specialized joints, various parts are employed: rod ends, bearings, and spherical bushings.

These joints have the ability to accommodate any type of misalignment, making them ideal for situations in which rotary motion involves changes in the rotation axis.

Since joint systems are used worldwide, the rod ends and spherical bushings employed in them are available in both metric and inch styles.

Rod ends are classified as either male or female; male rod ends have external threads, and female rod ends have internal threads.

Left-hand and right-hand threads are also available. These options allow for different mounting approaches in different applications.

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Rod Ends and Spherical Bushings — Types and Applications

Various types of rod ends and spherical bushings are available, each of which is best-suited to specific applications.

Emerson Bearing offers an array of rod ends and spherical bushings to address diverse industry and application needs. A few popular models are discussed below.

BEM Series

BEM Series male-thread rod ends have rolling elements that can carry heavy loads at medium to high speeds. These models are ideally suited for shock loads, and have integral spherical plain bearings.

BRM Series

These male-thread rod ends have the same functionality as the BEM Series, but come with integral self-aligning ball bearings.

BEF Series

The BEF Series rod ends are designed for easy mounting and position adjustment. Spherical plain bearings installed into male or female rod connectors, these were initially designed as an affordable alternative to conventional housing installations.

BRF Series

These female-thread rod ends are designed for rugged, reliable operation and are compact, lightweight, and highly cost-effective. The BRF Series is easy to use in linkages, control rods, and various mechanisms. These rod ends can also be used in conjunction with spherical bushings, such as the COM/COMH Series discussed below.

COM/COMH Commercial Series Spherical Bushings

Ideal for applications with severe misalignment, these bushings can accommodate simultaneous radial and bidirectional loads. They are available as self-lubricating or metal-metal inserts, and some models are chrome plated for additional wear resistance.

FKS/FKST Heavy-Duty Precision Series Spherical Bushings

Typically used in construction and material handling industries, these bushings are heat treated for additional toughness and wear resistance.

GEZ ES Plain Spherical Bushings

Capable of handling biaxial and radial loads simultaneously, these bushings can be employed in applications with high loads or high misalignment. The inner and outer races of these bushings include lubrication holes and grooves.

GE Metric Spherical Bushings

These are used for shifting heavy loads, shock loads, and heavy static loads. They are phosphate coated, and the outer ring is fractured in a single location to easily accommodate an inner ring.

Choosing the right rod end and spherical bushing is critical for optimal system performance and reliability. Able to handle harsh, demanding environments, these critical components are found in automotive, mining and construction, energy generation, material handling, and marine sectors, among many others.

Rod Ends and Spherical Bushings from Emerson

As an industry leader in the world of bearings, bushings, rod ends, mounted units, and more, Emerson Bearing is proud to offer top-quality solutions from leading brands such as ALINABAL, DURBAL, FK, HEIM, HIRSCHMANN, and IKO.

Need help choosing the right rod end and spherical bushing for your specific application? Our experts are on hand to guide you through the selection process. Reach out to the team today to learn more.

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