In the recreational industry, manufacturers design and build devices and equipment for a wide range of applications, from fishing gear to recreational vehicles (RVs) to amusement park rides. In all of these, bearings serve as a key component. Given the rough conditions characteristic of recreational activities (e.g., heavy moisture, harsh compounds, high forces, etc.), these components must be carefully constructed to ensure they provide dependable performance. Otherwise, the equipment in which they are installed may fail, which can be disastrous in certain applications.

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At Emerson Bearing, we fully understand the challenges faced by manufacturers and users in the recreational industry. This knowledge enables us to produce high-quality bearing solutions for virtually any recreational application. Whether you need a bearing for a bowling machine or a go-kart, we can deliver the right bearing at the right price.

Overview of the Recreational Industry

The experts at Emerson Bearing provide bearing solutions for a variety of recreational industry applications, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Amusement Parks. Amusement parks require bearings for roller coasters, portable rides, carousels, and many other attractions. Since the components are used regularly throughout the day, and failure can mean injury to people, they must be constructed for reliability. The use of polymer lubricants can help reduce downtime and minimize the risk of failure.
  • Golf Carts/Go-Karts. Carts are commonly utilized on golf courses and in country clubs. They serve as an affordable and eco-friendly method of bringing people and materials where they need to go. The bearings used for these vehicles need to be weatherproof to withstand use in outdoor environments. Common solutions include mounted units with triple-lip seals and ball bearings with full contact sealing.
  • Ski Areas. Bearings used in ski applications need to be able to operate in low temperatures and at high altitudes. Additionally, they should have the capacity to carry heavy loads, whether it be for lifts, groomers, or bull-wheels. It is essential to use the right kind of bearings to keep ski maintenance costs low.
  • Fitness Equipment. The fitness industry is always experiencing new advancements in equipment. However, regardless of the equipment type, a bearing failure can lead to serious injury. For this reason, it’s essential to choose high-quality bearings that are long-lasting while offering a good price-to-performance ratio.
  • Fishing Reels. A fishing reel is a cylindrical device attached to the fishing rod that is used to wind and stow the fishing line. A bearing is a common component of fishing reels. Both its design and the material can affect the performance of the reel. Ceramic bearings are used to keep fishing reels functioning optimally.
  • Bowling Alleys. Pinsetters are the machines used to set the pins at the end of bowling lanes. One of the key components of these machines—the moving belt—relies on bearings to ensure the transfer of pins occurs smoothly.
  • Inline Skates. Inline skates have had increasing popularity last 15 years. Most bearings on the market today use the ABEC system. The scale ranks from 1-9, with the higher number equating to more precision. With this in mind, skaters will need to pair the correct size wheel for the particular bearing for best use.

Common Bearing Solutions for the Recreational Industry

Some of the bearing solutions commonly used by the recreational industry are:

  • Roller Bearings. Roller bearings are highly versatile, which makes them well-suited for use in most recreational applications. Depending on the type of roller bearing, they can used to reduce friction, support radial and axial loads, and cut down on maintenance, repair, and labor needs.
  • Cam Followers. Cam followers are generally used in recreational applications to convert rotary motion into linear motor. The right cam follower helps ensure precise and optimal performance to keep operations run efficiently and smoothly.
  • Mounted Units. Mounted units are suitable for light-duty and heavy-duty applications, making them ideal for use in skiing environments. They come with sealant and lubricant options, which are highly beneficial for recreational use.
  • Ball Bearings. Ball bearings facilitate smooth, reliable, and high-speed motion. They help reduce friction, decreasing the risk of wear and tear as well as the financial and temporal costs of maintenance. These qualities make them suitable for use in amusement park rides and fitness equipment.
  • Oil Seals. Oil seals keep precision bearings and rotating shafts working optimally by ensuring contaminants remain separated from lubricants. They are particularly essential to the operation of carts and sheave wheels on ski lifts.
  • Ceramic Bearings. Ceramic bearings are commonly used in fishing reels since the material does not corrode or require lubrication.

Emerson: Your Industry-Leading Bearing Provider

Bearings are a critical component of recreational devices and equipment. Need bearings for your recreational industry application? Turn to the experts at Emerson Bearing!

At Emerson Bearing, we recognize that no two customers are alike. Our team is committed to finding the proper bearing solution for each customer, regardless of their industry or application. We maintain a broad selection of quality components from reputable manufacturers to ensure we can deliver the right bearing at the right price.

By partnering with us for your bearing needs, you benefit from our:

  • OEM and MRO expertise
  • One-stop shopping experience
  • Large inventory of bearings
  • International sourcing network
  • Same-day shipping capabilities
  • Fixed-price program
  • 24/7 customer service services


For more information about our bearing solutions for the recreational industry, contact us today. To discuss your bearing requirements with one of our experts, request a quote.

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