Cam Followers

Cam arrangements, involving a cam and a cam follower, are used in various applications to translate rotational movement into linear movement.

The cam, while rotating, pushes the follower along a linear rail. Cams are critical components in many different industrial applications, and can allow for a great deal of control based on the cam profile.

Cam followers are essentially roller bearings designed to follow the cam profile and map the rotational movement into linear movement.

Cam arrangements can be found in power generation, wastewater treatment, recreation, automation, and metal processing sectors, among many others. Cam followers are characterized based on their relation to their counterparts.

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Cam Follower Features and Benefits

Cam follower are classified into two main types — stud types and yolk types. A stud-style bearing involves the use of a stud to mount the mating part, while a yoke-style bearing has a hole through the middle.

Cam followers are precision machined, offering many benefits over alternative options; key advantages include noise elimination, low rolling resistance, and dampened vibrations and shocks.

Depending on how precisely cam followers are manufactured, machinery noise levels can be reduced by as many as 10 decibels. The more accurate the construction, the quieter the operation. Sound waves can often be insulated as well.

Plus, cam followers only need to be lubricated once throughout their entire life span — ensuring high performance and reducing costs and maintenance needs. Plus, the risk of overgreasing is nearly eliminated, in turn reducing the risk of bearing failure.

These long-lasting bearings can be customized to suit any specific industrial need and can be made of corrosion-resistant materials when necessary.

Lightweight and axial load-carrying options are also available. Though highly unlikely, it is possible for the rail housing the cam follower to suffer from wear and tear. However, this usually occurs only under heavy load conditions, and can be avoided by hard coating the rails for enhanced protection.

Given their high reliability and precision, cam follower systems are the most popular method for converting rotary movement into linear movement.

The ideal type of cam follower for a specific application will depend on several factors, including the operating environment, the speed of operation and maintenance, and the accessibility of the installation. Working with the proper cam follower will help ensure optimal performance and precision, keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently — and, in turn, saving on downtime, labor needs, and costs.

Cam Followers from Emerson

Emerson Bearing supplies an array of yolk-type and stud-type cam followers for a wide range of industrial applications. Working closely with your team to assess specific needs, our experts can assist in selecting the best cam follower for your unique application.

As an industry-leading distributor of various types of bearings, Emerson is proud to supply top-quality products from brands such as Carter, Enduro, IKO, INA, RBC, SMITH, and Torrington.

To learn more about our selection of cam bearings or discuss your specific needs with an expert, reach out to the team today; we’re on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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