Bronze Bushings

Bronze bushings have a rich history and are invaluable to modern industries. Here, we will explore the properties of bronze bushings, explaining the various applications that rely on them and the advantages they offer over plastic bushings.

Properties of Bronze Bushings

Bronze is an alloy composed of tin and copper, offering resilience when formed into bronze bushings. Bronze alloy’s exceptional mechanical properties include corrosion resistance, wear and abrasion resistance, and high load capacity. The alloy also features excellent heat-dissipating characteristics, making bronze bearings last long in various demanding environments.

Bronze Bushings vs. Plastic Bushings

Bronze’s mechanical strength, temperature resistance, and sturdiness make it better for bushing materials than plastics. Although plastic bushings have a lower upfront cost and are sufficient for lower load capacities and limited temperature ranges, bronze bushings offer wear resistance, durability, higher load capacities, and wider temperature ranges. In a comparative analysis, bronze is the preferred material for bushings that must deliver high performance in demanding applications.

Because of their longevity, bronze bushings are more cost-effective over the long term, saving money on replacements and downtime. The material is also recyclable, making it more sustainable than most plastics.

Applications of Bronze Bushings

Bronze bushings are most commonly used in high-load, low-speed, and heavy-duty industrial equipment in the following industries and applications.

Industrial Machinery

Bronze bushings are critical for various manufacturing machinery. They are used in pivot points, rotating shafts, and other parts in presses, milling machines, and lathes. Bronze’s ability to provide low-friction and reliable movement under heavy loads gives manufacturing processes the precision and efficiency they require.


The automotive industry relies on bronze bushings in suspension components such as sway bars, control arms, and vehicle suspension systems. Bronze bushings deliver improved handling and smooth rides by offering resilience under heavy loads and dampening vibrations.


The aerospace industry uses bronze bushings in flight control systems, control surfaces, landing gear assemblies, and other aircraft components. Bronze bushings offer reliability to perform under the harsh conditions aircraft are subject to, including wide temperature fluctuations and high speeds.


The marine industry relies on bronze bushings for deck equipment, ship steering mechanisms, and propulsion systems. Because bronze can withstand heavy loads and resist corrosion in environments prone to saltwater exposure, it is ideal for marine applications.

Energy and Power Generation

Bronze bushings are used extensively in the energy and power generation sectors. Wind turbines use bronze bushings for gearbox assemblies, yaw mechanisms, and blade pitch systems. Bronze’s wear resistance and durability help the bearings perform under challenging environmental conditions and continuous movement. Hydroelectric power plants also rely on bronze bushings to support critical components like turbine shafts for generating electricity from water.

Proper Installation and Maintenance of Bronze Bushings

Proper installation and maintenance of bronze bushings are critical to performance and longevity. Follow the correct lubrication requirements, choosing the right bushing lubricant for your bronze bushings. While bronze bushings offer inherent self-lubrication, additional lubrication may be necessary to ensure the bushings can tolerate high-speed and high-load applications. Selecting a lubricant suitable for the application’s temperature, speed, load, and overall operating conditions is crucial in ensuring the bushings can deliver optimal performance without degradation and premature wear.

Maintain the performance and longevity of your bronze bushings by performing the following routine maintenance steps:

  • Conduct regular inspections to identify and correct misalignment, corrosion, and irregular wear.
  • Inspect bearings for visible damage, excessive play, and abnormal noise or vibrations to plan timely replacement and prevent major issues.

Bronze Bushings From Emerson Bearing

Bronze bushings offer exceptional mechanical properties, including wear resistance, durability, high-load capacity, and corrosion resistance. Compared to plastic bushings, bronze bushings deliver improved performance and longevity, making them a cost-effective solution for demanding applications. Bronze is also recyclable and sustainable compared to many plastics. Various applications, from power generation to automobiles, rely on bronze bushings to deliver exceptional performance under harsh conditions.

Emerson Bearing offers a wide selection of high-quality roller and ball bearings from leading brands. With over five decades of experience in the industry, we can deliver the right bearings for your application through our domestic inventory and international sourcing network. Contact us or request a quote to speak with a team member about our bronze bearing solutions.

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