Mounted Units

Mounted units provide users with a multitude of application and service options. A mounted unit is typically a ball or roller bearing set into a housing. There is a wide range of options for both the bearings (chrome or stainless steel) and the housings (cast iron, thermoplastic, nickel plated or stainless steel). They are available for shafts from ½” to 4-15/16” and also in metric variations.

Commonly employed in both light and heavy-duty industries ranging from construction and mining to conveyors on a food processing line, these units can be designed for any type of bearing, including standard ball bearings, roller bearings, and even split bearings that allow easier mounting.

Since mounted units are employed primarily in high use applications and environments, they are typically shielded to keep contaminants away from the bearing seal; both non-lube and re-lube options are available. Having these sealant and lubricant options is especially useful when units are being installed in difficult-to-reach areas.

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Mounted Unit Types and Applications

Mounted units are available in multiple configurations; the ideal setup will depend on whether the bearing is parallel or perpendicular to the surface. The number of holes used for fixing the unit to the surface can also vary. At Emerson Bearing, we offer various types of mounting units well-suited to a range of heavy-duty applications. Key features and benefits of our pillow block, flange block, and hanger block mounted units are outlined below.

  • Pillow blocks — These are typically employed when the shaft is parallel to the mounting They are usually held in place by two bolts, and the outer ring is stationary while the inner ring containing the shaft rotates as needed. Pillow blocks are ideal for smaller loads and less rigorous applications.
  • Flange blocks — Flange blocks are utilized in applications in which the shaft is perpendicular to the surface. They are held in place by two or four bolts; the smaller models with two bolts are called flangettes. The four-bolt design can take larger loads and is typically employed for heavy-duty applications.
  • Hanger blocks — Almost always used for conveyor belts, these are made of well-lubricated split roller bearings that are housed together and can be hung from a conveyor.

Choosing the right type of mounted unit is crucial to the success of any type of industrial operation.

Mounted Units from Emerson

The experts at Emerson are on hand to guide clients throughout the mounted unit selection process; we’ll work closely with your team to assess specific needs and identify the best options for your job.

As a leader in the industry, we’re proud to carry a wide range of mounted units, bearings, and bushings from many trusted manufacturers, including AMI, FAG, Craft, FYH, Hub City, IPTCI, Ketchie Houston, NTN, Timken and more.

To discuss mounted unit options for your application, or to speak with an expert about your specific needs, reach out to the team today.

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