Getting from point A to B is something we often take for granted. The bearings that have been designed for the Rail industry provide the reliability and safety we have come to expect. Bearing requirements for Rail fall into three major groups: Bearings for Drive Systems ( Transmission, Traction drive, Axle Suspension). Bearings for the Chassis (Wheel Sets, Brakes). Bearings for Vehicle bodies (Connectors, Door systems). The product range includes high capacity ball and roller bearings for the transmission and drives as well as rod ends and control bearings for the chassis and door systems.



Transportation bearings may be invisible to the consumer, but they are crucial to the safety and success of your product. Whether you’re designing brakes, engine components, axle suspension, or other essential components for the transportation industry, choosing the proper bearings will help you provide quick, safe, and, dependable transportation via road or rail.

What Are the Common Bearings Used in the Transportation Industry?


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Common bearings for transportation

With such a diverse array of applications, bearings come in several different varieties, including high capacity ball and roller bearings (built for drive and transmission systems) and rod ends and control bearings (built for door and chassis systems). Common bearings used in the transportation industry include:

  • Taper Roller Bearings. These bearings support high amounts of stress with tapered ends that can handle large radial and thrust loads. Ideal for heavy-duty transportation applications, many manufacturers orient taper roller bearings to face opposite directions, providing maximum stability.
  • Ball Bearings. Ball bearings are a common bearing type for the transportation industry. Specifically, deep groove ball bearings offer a robust option for railway applications.
  • Cylindrical Roller Bearings. Capable of managing heavy radial loads, cylindrical roller bearings contain rollers that extend slightly past their diameter. These long rollers boast several important properties, including a high load tolerance, exceptional speed capabilities, and a long lifespan, making them a common choice for the railroad industry.
  • Rod Ends. Rod ends can correct misaligned components in linkage applications, and they are capable of supporting medium to heavy loads at various speeds. These bearings are known for their durability and reliability.

What Are Some Common Applications for These Bearing Types?

Emerson provides bearings suitable for a range of transportation industry applications, including wheel axles, traction motors, and drive units. These use cases fall into three main categories:

Bearings for Drive Systems

All parts of your transmission, including the gearbox, clutch, prop shaft, differential, and more, benefit from incorporating robust bearings into the system design. Other common applications for drive system bearings include axle suspension and traction drive motors. At Emerson, we off cylindrical roller bearings with ceramic coatings and special internal clearances designed to enhance performance, reliability, and product lifespan.

Bearings for the Chassis

Rotational motion is key to chassis performance, and bearings provide a simple way to increase the speed and longevity of your chassis system. Selecting the proper bearings can improve the performance of multiple chassis subcomponents, including brakes, wheel sets, and more.

Bearings for Vehicle Bodies

The body of your vehicle, whether automotive or locomotive, provides a final layer of safety and durability. Bearings help facilitate high-speed motion for several vehicle body applications, including connectors, door systems, and more.

Why You Should Choose an Industry Leader in Emerson

Emerson Bearing understands the crucial role that bearings play in the transportation industry. For over 50 years, we have provided a wide range of high-quality bearings to meet customers’ needs. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure that our customers get the best bearing solution at the right price. By partnering with Emerson, you gain access to benefits such as:

  • A one-stop shop experience for added convenience
  • An extensive inventory of quality bearings
  • A worldwide sourcing network
  • 24/7 customer service
  • And more!

As part of our special offerings, we provide cylindrical roller bearings that meet higher F1 tolerances for reliability and extended running life. These are also available with current insulation in the form of oxide ceramic coatings on the inner and outer rings or ceramic rolling elements.

To learn more about our bearing solutions for the transportation industry, contact us today.

Special solution: Cylindrical roller bearings that meet the higher F1 tolerances for extended running life and reliability. These are also available with current insulation. This can be achieved with either oxide ceramic coatings on the inner / outer rings or ceramic rolling elements.

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