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For over a half-century, Emerson Bearing has fulfilled essential manufacturing needs for clients across numerous industries with advanced roller and ball bearing technologies. We’re dedicated to working closely with each client to determine exactly the right bearing products for their applications, providing them with affordable, precision-engineered roller and ball bearings for their unique production needs.

Emerson Bearing: Your Source for All Your Bearing Needs

cad bearingBall Bearings

Ball bearings provide smooth, friction-free motion between components, even at high velocities. Many applications require distinct types of bearings to accommodate the exact combination of loads, directions, and speeds involved between moving parts. These factors greatly influence bearing type and material selection, most commonly stainless steel, ceramic, or chrome-plated steel.

Roller bearingsRoller Bearings

Roller bearings (aka rolling-element bearings) utilize cylinder rolling elements. They’re suitable for both radial and axial loads, which depend on the roller shape and angle. Their versatility is even greater with single- or multiple-row designs, and the rolling elements facilitate movement while keeping components separate.

Cam followerCam Followers

Cams provide precision control in many industrial uses that require both rotational and linear movements. The cam and cam follower, together known as the cam arrangement, translate (or map) rotational force into linear motion. How these forces interact depends on the cam profile.

Ceramic bearingCeramic Bearings

Ceramic ball bearings are enclosed by ferrous inner and outer races. We fabricate ceramic rolling elements using several types of ceramic materials, which makes the ceramic bearing effective in numerous hybrid capacities.

Ball screw spline - linear motion bearingsLinear Motion Bearings

For motion along a single linear axis, linear motion bearings are the most efficient options. They minimize friction and wear, for efficient repeated use on systems with guiding rails and carriages, such as sliding doors, 3D printers, machining equipment, and robotics systems.

Mounted Units

Mounted-bearing units are highly versatile and can accommodate nearly any roller or ball-bearing type. Design options include many material options for both housing units and the bearings themselves. Emerson Bearing’s mounted units are available for shafts between ½” and 4-15/16″, as well as metric variations. Housing materials are available in cast iron, stainless steel, thermoplastic, split housing and bearing are also available for heavy duty applications.

Oil SealsOil Seals

Oil seals (aka shaft seals or lip seals) maintain good bearing and rotating shaft conditions by keeping lubricants free from foreign contaminants. Our oil seal bearing options include:

  • Inch and metric measurements
  • Garlock isolator-style oil seals

Bronze bearings and bushingsBushings

From composite plastics to cast bronze and Oilite, bushings are available in a range of materials with distinct qualities and applications. Composite plastic bushings offer cost-effective and lightweight solutions that often outperform metal bushings. They possess lower friction and enable lubricant-free operation while exhibiting effectiveness under harsh conditions. Moreover, plastic bushings offer greater durability, longevity, and superior corrosion resistance compared to their metal counterparts.

Cast bronze bushings are cylindrical metal components constructed by pouring liquid bronze into a mold in the shape of the bushing. These bushings provide self-lubricating properties, high load capacity, excellent wear resistance, and dimensional stability for diverse industrial applications. Oilite bushings, or sintered bronze bushings, are porous bronze bearings infused with oil, offering great self-lubrication, low friction, high wear resistance, noise reduction, and suitability for high-speed and high-temperature applications.

Super precision bearingsSuper Precision Bearings

Emerson’s high-precision bearings are rated from ABEC 3 through 9 and are available in angular contact and deep groove radial forms. The right form is based on the intended application’s thrust, radial, or combined loads.

Spherical bushingsRod Ends and Spherical Bushings

Specialized, high-precision articulation joints require equally specialized combinations of roller or ball bearings, rod ends, and spherical bushings. Textile equipment, robotic arms, and automobile steering linkages are just some of the specialty bearing applications Emerson Bearing fulfills.

Roller chainRoller Chain

Roller chains apply a series of corrosion-resistant flexing joints to efficiently transmit mechanical power. They also accommodate a wide range of attachments that expand functionality. Emerson Bearing’s roller chains are available in pitches ranging from 1/4″ to 3″ and fully conform to ANSI and JIS standards.

helwig BPK-4 shaft grounding deviceShaft Grounding Devices

Metal bearings present a risk of electrical damage in motors and other electrical systems. This can occur through induction, frictional buildup, or leakage between components. Shaft grounding devices provide the lowest resistance path to ground, preventing equipment damage and injuries.

slewing-ring-bearingSlewing Ring Bearings

With enhanced load support and universal power transmission, slewing ring bearings (aka turntable bearings) are effective at supporting heavy loads at slow speeds. This is essential for equipment such as cranes and excavators, but slewing ring bearings are also applicable to robotics, machine tooling, medical, and other industrial applications.

Track RollersTrack Rollers

Track rollers, or idler rollers, provide linear transmission and are suitable in any type of track, conveyor system, and cam drive. They’re essential for applications such as track and rail systems and material handling systems.

Ball Bearing Accessories

To accommodate our clients’ motion-transfer and friction-reduction needs, Emerson Bearing carries the widest range of roller and ball bearings and associated products, including the following:

  • Bushings
  • Couplings
  • Shaft collars
  • Pump seals
  • Belts and sleeves
  • Puller, tools, and calipers
  • Retaining rings, spiral rings, and O-rings
  • Hydraulic cylinders and pumps
  • Lock nuts, lock washers
  • Adhesives and sealants

Quality Ball Bearings and Roller Bearings from Emerson Bearing

By working closely with Emerson’s custom bearing specialists, you’ll secure the most effective roller and ball bearings for your specific applications. We adapt our bearing solutions to the particular use cases, load types, and directional forces involved, ensuring the most efficient transmission of rotational, linear, or combination forces with your moving parts. Search through our extensive list of stock bearings with our product selector, or request a quote for any custom order needs.

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