Technical Solutions & Conversion Charts

Our conversion charts and technical solutions are downloadable and printable so you can get the details you need to choose the right precision bearing for your application. The following charts and data sheets are available for immediate view, download or print.
barden company engineering dataBarden Company Engineering DataComparing the Performance of Different Bearing Types Interchange TableInterchange Table
How a Ball Bearing is MadeHow a Ball Bearing is Made Emerson Nomenclature Guide to Common Bearing TypesEmerson Nomenclature Guide to Common Bearing Types
To access the charts below, click the link and fill out the corresponding form on the page.  Emerson Inch-Decimal Conversion Chart Emerson Inch-Decimal Conversion Chart Shaft and Housing Fits for Electric Motor BearingsShaft and Housing Fits for Electric Motor Bearings Classification and Characteristics of Rolling BearingsClassification and Characteristics of Rolling Bearings

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