Technical Toolbox

The Emerson Technical Toolbox is your portal to a library full of charts, guides, posters and helpful ebooks about bearings in all forms. Whether you are looking for information about interchanges, would like to download vendor catalogs, or simply download some of our marketing posters, this is the place to do it.

Nomenclature Guide

Filled with charts, tables, and images, this guide details a number of bearing types with information on bore size, internal clearance, noise level, etc. to make the process of selecting the right bearing as easy as possible.

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Bearings 101 Resource Library

Including our Bearing Basics Library and a selection of Handy Charts and Tools, our Bearings 101 Library is the perfect place to get started in learning about finding your perfect bearing

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The Art of Precision Bearings eBook

In this eBook, we showcase all of our bearing knowledge in one easy-to-access place. Learn about uses for precision bearings, the importance of cleanliness, recommended shaft and housing geometries, and more.

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Inch, Decimal, and Metric System Conversion Chart

Remove the guesswork and eliminate any chance for error. Emerson Bearing’s handy conversion chart provides quick and clear help for transitions across the inch, decimal and metric systems.

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Industry Solutions

Emerson Bearing’s industry solutions library contains over 30 downloadable and printable PDFs with bearing data broken out by industry. Whether you are a purchasing agent, maintenance manager or designer, you’ll find the right information to fill your query.

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Bearing Failure Analysis

The accurate diagnosis of a bearing failure is imperative to prevent repeated failures and their additional expenses. While performing failure analysis is commonly left to outside vendors, the actual collecting of information can make a great difference in correctly diagnosing bearing failure.

Vendor Catalogs

We carry precision bearings from a number of excellent vendors. Simply download any one of the bearing vendor catalogs here to find the right product and product line. Choose from a range of precision ball bearings, mounted units, linear motion bearings and more.

Technical Solutions and Conversion Charts

Our conversion charts and technical definitions are printable, downloadable and provide the details you’ll need to choose the right precision bearing for your application.


Emerson Bearing is happy to provide bearing unit interchange tables for the products we sell. You can download tables for almost any product or application. Contact us (link to contact page) with any questions!